Thursday, 18 April 2019

Magic Is Dead

See my review of "Magic Is Dead" by Ian Frisch on Goodreads. I recommend it to all magicians serious about their art.
This is really good and should be read by all magicians serious about their art and wanting to keep up with modern trends. It is the semi-autobiographical account of a journalist who wanted to write an article about magic but found himself being hooked and ended up writing this book. It is a fascinating and interesting story. The author has done his research although there are times when he uses artistic licence to boost the story. The accounts of the various magicians and characters he meets and befriends is particularly good. What is the52? You will have to read the book to find out!

Monday, 28 January 2019

The infrequent blog

It is even longer than I last wrote a blog post! I never got into the habit of posting regularly.
I am still enjoying my retirement and keeping well. Joan is suffering with her rheumatoid arthritis and none of the treatments she has had so far seem to deal with it. She is going to see the Consultant again soon to see what the next stage will be.
Helen, James and Finley came to see us over Christmas. Finley will be two years old in April 2019 and he is growing up very well. I discovered when they had left that he had pushed the buttons on the cooker setting it to auto! He loves his train set and lego and likes looking at books. 
Rob & Dani are expecting a girl in April, a sister for Felicity. Rob is now working for Fierce PC and is much happier now they have given him a permanent contract. 
I was elected Chairman of The Modern Mystic League again at the AGM and like being involved with magic a great deal. I am looking forward to the Blackpool Convention in February. 
We had a great holiday in September in Port De Pollensa in Mallorca. The weather was sunny and warm and we enjoyed walking down the front every day. Joan did some swimming and was quite well. We were with our friends Dale and Jackie and had a lovely time. We have booked to go there again this year. 
I am trying to continue to learn Spanish although it doesn't seem to stick in the brain easily. I suppose you have to use a language regularly. I will keep trying though. 
The country is divided and in uncertain times over Brexit. I voted to stay in Europe so we will see what happens. 
All for now