Sunday, 26 May 2013

National Health Service - urgent care experience

No wonder NHS Accident and Emergency is said to be in crisis! Our son Robert was taken by ambulance to the Royal Blackburn Hospital urgent care unit yesterday having suffered a series of epileptic fits. We arrived around 3 p.m. and (having left Robert in hospital overnight for observations) finally got home after 11 p.m. after 8 hours with a lot of waiting about. I cannot praise the ambulance, medical and hospital staff enough. They did a thoroughly professional job and Robert has now been allowed home. However, the urgent care unit appeared to be overwhelmed. There seemed to be so many patients who had walked in; they would have a very long wait after emergencies and those brought in by ambulance. But, why were they there at all? Minor injuries should be treated locally either at the local health hub or by general practitioners. 
Unfortunately, it being a particularly busy Saturday night (I suppose they all are), the situation is not helped by those abusing alcohol and drugs who are part of the standard fare I suppose of these units. They put great pressure on the staff, who continue to be patient and professional despite the abuse and bad language, and unnerve other patients who have a genuine need to 
be there.

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