Saturday, 18 August 2012

"The Busy B"

The "Busy B" is the name magician Chris Van Bern gave himself in his publicity. He was a busy man performing all the time, assisting others, touring the theatres and music halls, writing etc. He was a good self-publicist. I have written an article about Chris Van Bern for "The Magic Circular" although I do not know when it is likely to be published. The puzzle is that he claimed to have received a gold medal from The Magic Circle but there is no trace of this, although he was a Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star which is quite a different thing.
I have also reviewed three books I have read recently “Trade of The Tricks: Inside The Magician’s Craft” by Graham M. Jones (2011, University of California Press, London), “Fooling Houdini: Adventures in the World of Magic” by Alex Stone (2012, William Heinemann, London) and “The Manual of Darkness” (2011, Phoenix, London) a work of fiction by Spanish author Enrique De Hériz, described as “a novel steeped in the History of Magic”. Hopefully my review will appear in "The Northern Lights" the magazine of The Northern Magic Circle.
I would love to review more magic books although the technical ones do require much more study and practice than do the narrative books such as I have just related. 
The Centenary History of the Modern Mystic League (Blackburn and District Society of Magicians) is coming along nicely in time for the centenary in 2014 although there is still quite a bit of material I need to add to it.