Monday, 13 February 2012

Magic reading etc

Just finished reading "The Davenport Story" volumes 1 & 3 which tell the story of the Davenport magic dynasty from 1881 to 2010 as written by Fergus Roy husband of Betty Davenport. These volumes are fascinating and there is the added bonus of many picture galleries with photographs, programmes, etc. It looks like the family have kept every piece of paper they have ever had! I highly recommend these volumes to anyone interested in the history of magic. The Davenports just knew everyone in magic. Volume 3 is comprised of three manuscripts  that have never been published before. Volume 4, which I am now reading, is the story of Will Goldston.
I am not surprised that Jason Latimer won "The Magicians" series 2 on BBC 1 on Saturday. His presentations were just so much better than the others although I still cannot get enthusiastic about the format or the show in general.
Had a great time at the MML Auction on Sunday. There were some great bargains. It was a fun afternoon with lots of laughs.
The Blackpool Convention this weekend looks like it will be interesting particularly as there are three Gala Shows.