Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Magicians

Call me old fashioned but I just cannot get enthusiastic over "The Magicians" series 2 on BBC 1. I do not like some of the presentations which make the magic almost "throwaway". Why does every "popular" TV show now have to have "celebrities" and viewers voting? The magic has become secondary and even then it is presented as a clever puzzle rather than an entertaining experience full of wonder. The compere does not know how to fill in between the acts. The tricks vary between the dramatic and the mundane. The show is certainly very different from "The Best of Magic" produced by John Fisher which I think was one of the best series showing the variety of magic.  

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Year books

I've already bought too many books this New Year! Seven already!
Volume 4 of "The Davenport Story" by Fergus Roy completes the series and is about Will Goldston. These are fabulous books so well produced and illustrated. The only problem is that they are so large they are too big to read in bed :-)
I couldn't resist "Bradshaw's Handbook - A Facsimile of the Famous Guide" so I can follow Michael Portillo along with "Great British Railway Journeys" on BBC2. There is so much to learn about Britain that is fascinating and in some respects not a lot has changed since 1863.
"Camra's Good Beer Guide 2012" is an obvious good buy as is "Guinness World Records 2012" (which I got discounted with a further discount for £4.50!).
I've also bought a book about blogging.
I am presently reading C J Sansom's "Heartsone" - I like the way his narrative just captures the atmosphere of Tudor legal England. I wish I could write like that!