Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Colombini Farewell Tour 2013

I went to the Farewell lecture Tour 2013 by Aldo and Rachel Colombini at the Manchester Circle of Magicians last night and it was excellent. They explained many tricks, told us the story of Rachel's heart surgery and Aldo was very funny. The tricks were all easy to do and very good with an emphasis on presentation and effect rather than complex methods. The lecture notes are well produced at £10 and there were a number of DVDs also for sale at £10 each. I am not a big fan of DVDs usually preferring books but Aldo's explanations are always straightforward and easy to follow. Their website is also very good where everything is $10. If you get ten effects on each DVD at £10 that's only £1 per effect which must be great value for money. 

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