Thursday, 29 December 2011

BT frustration

On 19th December the engineer came to upgrade the broadband to BT Infinity which appears to be working well. However we then discovered by 22nd December that our telephone number had changed without our knowledge! The order from BT had said it would stay the same. After many telephone calls (to the fault line in INDIA!) and an e-mail of complaint (which appears to have been the most effective) our land line number was restored today 29th December after 10 days. I have also sent a letter of complaint. I hope that our family and friends were not trying to ring us over the Christmas period otherwise they would have got "unrecognised number". Everything is now back to what it was but what was most frustrating is that BT do not have a simple mechanism to report a situation like this - oh for the days when you could contact someone at your local exchange to put something like this right quickly and efficiently

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